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Summer Challenge Week 8: Encounter

Title: Encounter
Length: One-shot
A/N: Written for the gacktjob_fics Summer Challenge 2013, week 8.  Prompt is a night out.

Summary: Gackt doesn’t want to go home yet, so he drags You and Chacha out for a night out walking the town.  Along the way they find a surprising new, kitty companion, who isn’t what he seems.

The street was surprisingly quiet even for midnight, Gackt reflected as he watched some of friends disperse in various directions after their late meeting at the restaurant.  It was too nice of a night to stay in, he’d decided, and so they’d had dinner.  It had been nice, but uneventful.

It made him feel like it was too early to go home.

“You have that look in your eyes,” You had commented as they exited the restaurant, “like you’re about to find trouble.”  He had of course denied that.

“Just going for a walk.”  He had decided, and You, being the ever loyal friend that he is, had volunteered Chachamaru to go along.

Chacha, not about to be outdone by You, had volunteered You to come along.  The rest had managed to dodge the bullet so to speak, leaving the three to stand in the cool night air.

“I think we should go that way,” Gackt declared, at the same time that Chacha pointed in the opposite direction.

“Oh, come on,” Chacha said, trying not to whine but not really succeeding, “that way is all dark and deserted.  We might get mugged!”

Gackt did ponder his worry, at least for half a second.  “Well, at least it would be interesting.”

He thought he heard You mutter, “Knew he was looking for trouble,” under his breath as he strode off purposefully, but he chose to ignore it.

You and Chacha exchanged long-suffering looks, but followed after him.  The moon was behind the clouds, and the street lights seemed somehow dim.  The scenery was okay, for walking down the road in the middle of the city.  As they approached a building that seemed to be having some construction done on it, Chacha started to lag behind, clearly nervous.

“What if there’s someone hiding in there?”  He asked, and Gackt rolled his eyes.

“We’ll figure that out when it happens.”

He thought You was on his side, but then his friend let out a somewhat girlish shriek.  “Something moved in there!”

Gackt looked, but he didn’t see anything.  Looking at his the two other men quaking in their boots, he decided it would be best to prove that there was nothing there.  Taking out his cellphone for a little extra light, he peered inside.

Was that movement?  He started to feel a little nervous, too.  Suddenly he heard a loud, wailing, meow.

Laughing, Gackt teasingly scolded his friends.  “It’s only a little kitty.  C’mere kitty, here boy...”  He crouched down and coaxed a slender, young, hardly past the kitten stage tabby cat out into the light.  “That’s it...”

“Think it’s lost?”

“He’s a bit skinny for a house pet.”  Gackt said, cautiously reaching out.  The cat ducked it’s head, but then accepted a gentle pat.  It started to purr.  “Definitely not wild, though.  Maybe somebody dumped it?”

“Too bad we didn’t save any leftovers,” You commented, creeping a bit closer.  “Oh, it’s cute.  Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a bit dark, but I think it’s a boy.”  Gackt reached out to scratch behind the cat’s ears, but suddenly it jerked back, and started to make a sound like it was going to hark up a hairball.

“Oh, poor thing.”  Chacha commented, but he didn’t try to approach as the sounds grew more tormented.  Suddenly, with a sound like a might hiccup, the small critter stretched, and elongated, shifting and changing in an abrupt manner until a young man sat on the pavement in front of them, stark naked.

Gackt blinked in surprise.  “Holy shit.”

The young man opened his mouth and let out an odd, quivering meow.

That prompted Gackt into swift, decisive, action.  Stripping off his jacket, he wrapped it around the cat turned man’s shoulders firmly.  “Give me your jackets, you two.”

“Huh?”  You asked, still dumbfounded by the sudden change of events.

Gackt gave him a piercing look.  “Unless you’d prefer to donate your pants.”

The two hurriedly handed over their jackets, which Gackt fashioned into a sort of skirt with slit sides.  “Let’s get him back to the car, before someone sees him like this.”

He pulled the young man to his feet, the former cat seemed very unsteady.  “You, you support him on this side.  Chacha, you keep an eye out for people.”  Together, they made halting progress back along the path of their walk, until the restaurant came into view.  As the scent of food drifted out into the night air, the cat turned man let out another sound of distress.

“I guess he’s hungry,” Gackt grunted, shifting the man’s awkward weight a bit so it was more comfortable.  “Go see if you can grab something for him to eat in the car, okay?”  Chacha didn’t protest—it got him away from the scene of madness.  Now on a more trafficked street, Gackt and You hustled the man into the car.

“What’s your name?”  You tried asking with a smile once they were all sitting in the car, You in the backseat to make sure that their strange new friend didn’t start stripping or something.

“Sa--Sato.”  The former cat croaked out.  “Master?”

“I’m You.”  You corrected him.  “That’s Gackt.”

“Chacha’s here with the food.”  Gackt said, and indeed he was.  He chose to sit in the front passenger seat, leaving You in the back to deal with keeping the cat turned man called Sato clothed and feeding him.

“Hmmm...” Sato hummed in the back of his throat after the first bite, probably attempting to purr.

“What’d you get him?”  Gackt asked, curiously.

“Fish.”  Chacha said with a shrug.  “I mean, he’s a cat.  I thought it would work.”

“His name’s Sato.”  You told him, as he struggled to feed him without making a mess.

The conversation subsided for a few minutes as Sato ate.  Finally, Chacha asked the question that was probably on all of their minds.  “So what do we do with him?”

“Let’s keep him.  At least for now.”  Gackt said.

“He needs some clothes.”  You said.

“He can come to my place tonight,” Chacha volunteered.  “I’ll borrow him some clothes for now.  We can go shopping tomorrow, I guess.”

“Just don’t let him try to wear his pants on his head,” Gackt joked, as he turned the key in the ignition.

By the time they got over to Chacha’s, Sato was fast asleep in the back seat.  It took a lot of careful maneuvering to get him inside, although they did have Chacha pop in and bring back out some sweat pants to cover him with.  Once he was settled in, they all said goodnight.

As Gackt drove You back to his apartment, glad that neither of the two men had driven to meet him at the restaurant, he wondered aloud, “I wonder how long he’ll stick around?”

You shrugged.  “Who knows.  Maybe a long time.”

“That wouldn’t be so bad.”  Gackt commented.

As You got out of the car, he agreed.  “No, I guess it wouldn’t.”

The statement was questioned many times after that night out, as they struggled to acclimate their new friend to the life of a human.  But in the end, with him alongside them as they played shows, it turned out that, after all, it really wasn’t so bad.


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Aug. 27th, 2013 04:15 am (UTC)
*bounces* This is so cute! And it leaves me wanting more... Is Sato a were-cat? Was he cursed and the only way to break the curse was to find some musicians? Did his potion expire? *squeeeeeeeeee* It's so cute!
Aug. 31st, 2013 11:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks~ ^^ The bad news is, when I wrote it, I had no idea of the exact details as to why Sato is a cat and then a man, so... unless I come up with something, this is all there is.
Sep. 1st, 2013 08:58 pm (UTC)
Hmmm... But that's okay too ^_^

Sometimes things are best left as mysteries ^_^
Sep. 2nd, 2013 08:34 pm (UTC)
Kitty Sato! Super cute ^.^
Sep. 8th, 2013 03:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks ^^
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