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Summer Challenge Week 7: Porcelain Girl

Title: Porcelain Girl
Length: One-shot
A/N: Written for the gacktjob_fics Summer Challenge 2013, week 7.  Prompt is things that go bump in the night abroad.  I wanted to base it off this TV movie I saw as a kid, but couldn’t really remember it, so it’s loosely based off of a book I read called Doll Bones.  Both had a porcelain doll in them, so...

Summary: When Sato buys a doll while traveling in the US, Gackt is the first to notice that there’s something not quite right about it, but he’s not the last.

While they were traveling in the United States, Sato had bought the doll.  He was a bit cagey about why he bought the tiny porcelain figure, with it’s curly blonde hair and staring blue eyes, but most of the guys just sort of accepted it as a random memento purchase.  Gackt, however, kept watching it out of the corner of his eye.

“I know she’s kind of creepy, Gackt, but why do you keep looking over there?”  You finally asked; Gackt jerked his head around so that he wasn’t looking at the doll in the blood red frilly dress anymore.  “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I did.”  Gackt admitted quietly.  “I just can’t figure out why she’s haunting that doll.”

You seemed to accept that at face value.  “I’m not rooming with the doll.”  He declared, as if suddenly it’s creepiness had increased tenfold.

“Sato’s rooming with me, right?”  Chachamaru pointed out.  “I think we’ll be fine.  You don’t think she seems dangerous, right Gackt?”

Gackt shook his head wordlessly.  “Just a little girl in a dress.”

Sato didn’t seem to know if he believed it or not.  Later, when he was back in his room with Chacha, doll set carefully on the table, he asked, “Gackt’s not serious, is he?  I mean, I know he sees spirits and everything, but he’s just pulling my leg, right?”

Chacha shrugged.  “He doesn’t usually joke about that, but I suppose he could be.”  Sato seemed satisfied with this.  “Just get some sleep, okay?”

Although he spoke with confidence, once the lights were out, it took Chacha a much longer time than usual to fall asleep.

He awoke to a shrill cry of surprise in the morning.  Pushing his hair out of his eyes, and blinking the sleep away, he saw that the whole room was trashed.  The lamp was broken on the ground, the snacks they’d brought open and scattered about.  His sheets were twisted on the bed, and the television was on, running on silent.  He thought he heard the sound of water running in the bathroom, and for a brief moment wondered if Sato was screaming in the shower.  Then he looked over at the other bed—Sato was sitting up in bed, with his sheet clutched around him.

The doll was sitting on the foot of the bed, staring at them with it’s wide glassy eyes.

This was a bit too much, even for Chacha.  Resisting the urge to scream, he threw on some clothes and ran down the hall to get Gackt.

When Gackt arrived at the hotel room that Chacha shared with Sato, he cast a keen eye over the entire situation.  Sato was still huddled at the far end of the bed, staring at the doll, who was staring back.  Sitting on the end of the bed next to the doll was a girl spirit, with very similar blonde hair and blue eyes to the doll.  Gackt supposed the others couldn’t see her.

“Hello there.”  He said, coming over and sitting on the edge of the bed.  The girl turned to look at him, the head of the doll turning in synch with hers.  Sato whimpered, but the girl didn’t speak.  “I suppose you want something?”  She just stared at him silently.  “Well, I’m sorry, but whatever it is is going to have to wait until tomorrow.  We don’t have any time for it today.”

Sato found his voice.  “I’m not sleeping with that again!”

The specter wavered in Gackt’s vision, and her lips thinned into a childish grimace of displeasure.  “She’ll come stay with me for now,” Gackt declared, hoping to forestall a poltergeist-like fit.  The little girl turned her large blue eyes back to him, and almost smiled.

He took the doll back to his room, ignoring any and all protests from You who still thought she was downright creepy.


You was really unhappy about sleeping with the doll in their room, especially after the incident in Sato and Chacha’s room last night, but he was completely overruled by Gackt.  He almost snuck off to sleep in another room, but Gackt’s subtle looks made him feel like a total coward if he didn’t stay.  So, in the end, in spite of all his misgivings, he stayed.

It did take him a long time to fall asleep, even if Gackt had carefully laid the dolly on her back in the chair so that her eyes rolled shut as if she was sleeping.  Eventually, exhaustion from their very full day finally caught up with him, and he slept.

He was climbing out a window into the rain.  If he didn’t hurry, the woman would catch him.  He could hear her shouting as he scrambled up onto his dresser, then stretched up to push open the window that looked out over the roof.  Her steps echoed in his ears as she neared the bedroom, and with a burst of effort he pulled himself up into the window just as she slammed through the door.

“Brat!  Worthless thief!”

He crawled out onto the roof, finding it slippery as water ran down to drip from the eaves.  Surely she wouldn’t come out here to get him.  He knew, in his heart, that his aunt hated him.  He crawled a little further from the window, feeling the wind pull at his skirts.

It was at this point that You realized that he was dreaming, and that he was in fact, in the dream, a young girl who looked quite a bit like a doll.

He could hear the angry woman shouting at him to come inside, but he knew better than that.  Knew she’d hit him with the broom, at the very least.  So he huddled on the roof in the rain, praying that his father would come to get him soon.

A gruff man’s voice interrupted his aunt’s shrieking, and she felt a brief surge of hope flare before it flickered and died.  It was only his cousin, not his father.  He wouldn’t be of any help to her.

He heard the scrape of the dresser as he climbed up onto it.  “Get back in here, girl.”  The older man ordered.  You scrambled away from the window a little further, and the man glared.  Reaching down, he accepted the broom handle from his mother, and then started to thwack it at You.

You ducked, and clambered away as the broom sailed towards him.  His foot slipped, and the broom connected with his head instead of his shoulder.  He felt the roof sliding underneath him, and then he fell...

You woke up screaming.  As his voice broke, he felt a vague sensation as if he were laying on the ground, and blackness was surrounding him.  Suddenly, Gackt was in his face, wearing a concerned expression.  “You alright, You?”

Gasping for air, You could only stare at him.  “That... doll... she...”

“Had a dream?”  Gackt asked, settling on the side of the bed.  “I did, too.”

“So why aren’t you freaking out?!”  You cried, exasperated with Gackt’s absurd calm.

“Perhaps it was a different dream?”  Gackt suggested.  “I had a dream about a girl named Elizabeth Green who was given a lovely porcelain doll that resembled her by her mother before her mother’s untimely death.”  You gaped at him.  Though his friend’s dream was still creepy, it was way nicer than the dream he had had.  “What about you?”

So You told him about it.

When he had finished, Gackt nodded thoughtfully, but, in You’s opinion, not very sympathetically.  “So that’s what happened.”

You frowned at him.  “If the doll’s staying here another night, I’m sleeping somewhere else.”

“Now don’t be uncharitable,” Gackt lectured, “she’s just trying to tell you her story.”

You grumbled a bit under his breath before subsiding.  “So what are we going to do?”

“Do?”  Gackt gave him a look that said that he thought You was being incredibly dense.  “I think it should be obvious.  We need to find her grave and return her doll.”

You shook his head, hardly able to believe Gackt’s words.  “And how are we supposed to do that?”

“I’ll try and have a chat with her.  Otherwise, well, there’s always the internet.”

Sometimes You wondered if Gackt was crazy.  Right at that moment, in the middle of the night, he wondered if he might just be crazy as well.


“Do you really think this is the place?”  Chachamaru asked, shading his eyes with one hand.  After spending a while talking with the doll-girl Elizabeth, Gackt had set the members out online searching for a particular cemetery.  Now, it was nearly evening, the sun low in the sky, and they needed to find the girl’s grave.

“Don’t you think it’s illegal to dig in a cemetery without permission?”  You wondered aloud.

Gackt gave him a piercing look.  “Does it matter?  We’re doing the right thing.”

Kei seemed to agree.  “We can’t just let her spirit wander forever.”

“I don’t want her following me home!”  Sato exclaimed, causing the others to laugh a bit.

“Alright,” Gackt ordered decisively, “let’s split up and comb the cemetery.  Remember, we’re looking for Elizabeth Green.  The dates should be around 1910, but she can’t remember exact dates, so it might be a little different, okay?”

They did exactly that, combing the cemetery as the sky got darker and darker.  Finally, Gackt’s cell phone buzzed, it was You.  “I hate to say this, as I’d rather not sleep with the doll another night, but, I think it’ll be too dark soon.”

“We have to leave tomorrow,” Gackt reminded him.  “It’ll have to be tonight.”  As he turned, distracted by the phone, he tripped and fell over a bit of bush.  His phone popped out of his hand, and he scrabbled about in the grass until he spotted it, next to a grave that he hadn’t noticed before as it was partially hidden under the leafy branches of the bush.  The inscription said Elizabeth Green.

He grabbed his phone and declared, “I found it!”  Then he gave You directions, and ordered him to call Chacha and Kei, and give them directions.  He would call Sato, and double back to the car to get the doll.

In a few minutes, they were all assembled in front of the bush and the grave marker, with the doll and a small shovel that Kei had managed to find at a store.  With a little bit of elbow grease, and a lot of furtive looks about to make sure nobody was coming, they got the hole dug.  The air was unbelievably still as the set the little doll in the hole, her eyes closed.

“I brought a couple of flowers.”  Chacha said, “Should we put them in, or lay them on top?”

“One in, and the rest on top I think.”  Gackt said.  One white flower went into the hole.  “Rest in peace, Elizabeth.”

They solemnly filled the hole with dirt, and laid out the other flowers.  After a moment of silence, they turned to leave.

Gackt lingered a moment in the deepening darkness, and out of the still air a slight breeze ruffled his hair.  A quiet, but happy, child-like laugh rang in his ears before he, too, turned to go.

He was certain none of the others heard it.


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Aug. 18th, 2013 02:18 pm (UTC)
Yay! This is my kind of scary story, not too scary XD I've read that book too ^^
Aug. 18th, 2013 05:05 pm (UTC)
Ha ha, I'm not very good with really scary things XD Thanks ^^
Aug. 20th, 2013 03:11 am (UTC)
<3 <3 <3

I love this! You going "NOPE!", Sato cowering in his bed, You and Gackt dreaming her life. Just... Oooooh! *loves*
Aug. 25th, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)
Thanks!! I worked really hard to make it come together, so I'm glad you liked it ^^
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